Thursday, October 4, 2007

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

I would just like to tell all our English readers to go out and learn to speak Afrikaans.
After you've done THAT, read the latest "Avonture van 'n Badkamerteel"
Read all the others too, just for good measure.

If you don't scream laughing within 10.9 seconds, have the nurse check your vital signs. After you're sure you're alive, learn to speak (and read) Afrikaans again, 'cause it didn't work the first time!

Now that you're a Boer, you can start listening to good music. Try bands like Ysterkoei(duh!!), Zinkplaat and Foto na Dans(Photo After Dance).

FND's best works so far are "Soldaatvolk" (also the best video) and "Huiwerig".
They also brought out a new album "Intervensie" ("Intervention", seriously, learn Afrikaans) It looks like a keeper.

So till next time,
Have a Break, Have a Kitkat!


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