Thursday, January 17, 2008

If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap your Hands

Clap your hands before you read this.

I mean it...

Last chance!
Ok, so you're probably wondering why I made you clap. To that question there is one answer and one alone: I wanted to be funny.This brings to my next point, Idols is over! And I hope it gets cancelled too. I've had my fill of 'Dewald!' and 'Die Johannes Dippenaar Band' Being flung unto the unwilling public. We need to stand up for our human rights!No one can be forced to endure torture(unless you're into that, wink,wink)!

My next point is more of a question, How do you spell 'Guam'?


P.S Check out 'Superbad' if you haven't allready. It's a Super great movie.

P.P.S Don't watch it with your parents (I really ****** mean it, man!)

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