Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I THink, Therefore I Am Confused...?

Albert and Danie jammin' in Paris, France, Europe.

Hey! It's Meeeee! Danie has given me free reign with this post. In fact his exact words were: 'Go nuts.' So I'm going 'Nuts'

today I'm going to try and be sincere, thoughtful, insightful and real, whilst wearing a green party hat and some socks. I'm really gonna be hitting some relevant issues with this one.
To begin with, I'd like to direct a question to my reading public: Who the hell cares about some stupid 'IQ' anywway? I mean, take my friend Danie. He gets along just fine without his. If you ask me, it's all just a big Government conspiracy!

I'm telling you, They're brainwashing us. Stealing our minds ,man. They're trying to take away your soul, but don't listen, baby don't you listen. Don't let it into your heart!

Uhm, I'm sorry. My friend Jack's been tiping on my computer. I just got here. He seems to have stolen my 'Delete' button, too. Bastard.

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